Iphone 4.0 vs. Android 2.1 vs Windows 7

Steve Jobs announced on Thursday the specifications of the new Iphone 4.0 software.
The new features make it obvious that the reigning champion in smart phones is beginning to feel the pressure from its competitors.
When Apple released the iPhone in 2007, there was nothing like it.
Windows mobile had been around for years but had never managed to grab much market share.
Since 2007 however smartphones now account for over 50 percent of cell phone sales.
Before we begin comparing the three different phones lets go over the different ways in which the products are brought to market.
Apple, in much the same way it has handled its computers over the last few decades, makes the hardware in house, designs the software in house and sells the product at its own retail stores.
In short Apple controls the process from start to finish.
Apple has also signed an exclusivity deal with AT&T and only allows one wireless company to sell the product.
Android is a new comer to the wireless world.
Made by Google, Android has taken an entirely different approach to their wireless product.
Google makes the software and allows hardware companies to design and build whatever they see best, the company then installs the Android operating system and selects a carrier to sell the phone.
Not only does Google allow multiple hardware companies and multiple wireless carriers to use their products.
The software itself is also open source.
This means developers can tweak existing code, and write their own applications for their devices.
Windows Mobile has also taken a similar approach to the Android software, they allow multiple carriers and multiple companies to use their product.
So far it has been a 2 horse race between Apple and Google.
But with the announcement earlier this year that Microsoft will be releasing a new version Windows Mobile 7, it is worth taking a look at all three different technologies and the benefits and drawbacks of all three.
The two biggest improvements to the Iphone 4.0 will be the inclusion of multitasking and a front facing camera.
Multitasking means that you can run more than one app at a time, and when you stop using an application it the OS will not automatically close the app.
The biggest use I see from this is the ability to have a program like skype running in the background, this would allow for unlimited international calling with just a data plan.
Unfortunately, not all prayers were answered in this latest update. The iPhone still wont go into mass storage mode, it wont tether to a computer, there will be no Flash support or FM radio, and of course, the biggest issue is that its still exclusively on the unreliable AT&T network. Also there will still be no Wi-Fi syncing.
Android is focusing on hardware variety.
There are already phones that have HDMI outputs, front facing cameras, and 4.3 inch screens.
They have also already added in support for multitasking.
The one thing that holds back android is its market share.
Android arrived to the market late, and because it doesn’t have as much market share there are not being as many apps written for it.
Because there are not as many apps its harder to gain market share, as you can see its a vicious cycle.
Windows Mobile is still trying to play catchup.
That said, there are a few areas where the Windows Phone should still stand out when the first models hit the market this holiday season, even assuming Apple has released both OS 4.0 and, presumably, new iPhone models as well.
One of the areas is bringing together photos and contacts from a variety of sources. Like Palms Pre, Microsoft is taking the approach that people have their media in lots of places and they want to access all their media in a category, regardless of where it came from. Along with that, Id expect tight integration with social networks like Facebook, whereas Apple tends to view that as a separate app.
I currently use an Android based phone, I feel android offers the most versatility and is constantly upgrading and advancing.
Though Android does not have as much market share as Apple it is the fastest growing.
No matter what phone/OS you go with one thing is for sure.
The competition is great for all of us.
Zac Coplan