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Hard to believe it. August is ending and the kids are almost all back to school. Abbie and Kenzie started last week. Ella starts kindergarten next week. Luke of course is at home for a few more years. The morning chaos has begun again. We are having the girls pack their lunches the night before so hopefully this will help. It still seems like someone cries every morning about a shoe, a shirt or cereal. The girls who have started seem to like their teachers.
I trained for a few weeks and did the Redhills Tri a couple of weeks ago. It was a lot of fun. My dreams of conquering did not come to pass. I did have a lot of fun and took 4th over all. I need to work on the power in my legs for the bike. Id love to speed up a few miles an hour. The winner averaged about 25 mph and I was about 20. The run needs to be speed up a little also. I felt good, but I would like to be faster. My goal of a marathon did not happen this year. I have great plans for next year. We will see what actually happens. I am considering a Jan 17th 1/2 in St. George. Anyone want to join me? Followed by the full thing in SLC in April. If I can extend my summer training through the fall and winter I will be on track for strong legs next year.
The garden has been fruitful. Lots of Cherry tomatoes and a few big ones. A few banana peppers, carrots, radishes, potatoes. Maybe Ill be a real farmer one day with a bountiful harvest to share with my neighbors. Now I have enough for us, except for squash which we have plenty to spare. I forgot to mention sweet grapes. I have been eating them by the bunch off the vines. They are dirty, but still so tasty I don’t slow down inhaling them to wash them. Today I went to get a few more and it looks like the birds cleared out most of what was left. We should have a second crop of purple grapes after it freezes. Our peach trees that have not produced for us have quite a few peaches as well. It is amazing the little things that bring satisfaction.

We had an exhausting, but fun weekend. It is nice to be sitting in bed typing allowing the aloe vera to do its job. I worked late Friday. Saturday we met, mom, Rachel, Zac, Phil and Marlene and kids at Yuba. We found a nice muddy-insect infested beach and enjoyed the wind all afternoon. The only major tragedy was Rachel’s collision with the wakeboard on her second run. The water was rough and the boat got going a little fast and kaplowie. Rachel needed some staples. Kenzie tried to get up on skis, but I had the rope from skis to handle too long and she fell back. Zac got up on the wakeboard and was ripping it up. Phil did too. I got to try out my ski and had fun despite the rough water. It felt good to get pulled. We lost track of time and did not start heading out until 9:00. We got the boat out and parked and camp cleaned up and it was late. We still had to eat, drive to Provo, and clean the kids up and put them down. And by the way the sunblock did not work as well as we thought it would. Or the people applying the sunblock did not put it on as well as they should have. We were all pretty cooked. I got it the worst and am definitely like a man with a man-cold. The Hampton was so comfortable, but alas we had to arise early and get off to the blessing. It was great. I did have to go by a shirt Sunday morning because I had left mine in Richfield. Jonene says I was in a tizzy trying to leave and that is why I left it. I actually almost left my suit, but she grabbed it on the way out to the truck.
We got to visit and enjoy everyones company. Lunch was great Marlenes Cafe Rio Chicken.
On a philosophical note, I am grateful for diversity of opinion. I just wish I could hold my tongue a little better when I disagree. Or at least try not to come across on the attack. Something to work on.

It has been a long couple of weeks with my partners out of town. At last they returned and I was able to skip town for an afternoon to go see if my new boat floats. It was a mildly windy, but nice enough day to go to Yuba. The girls stayed at grandmas overnight as we had been over for Memorial Day. We met them in Scipio and ran to Yuba. I backed in and put the boat in the water. It floated, the engine started, and pulled up to the dock. Grandma held the boat while I parked the truck. I ran down and was about to hop in when one of the kids said something like I think the boat is sinking. There is water coming in the boat. Sure enough the water was flowing in rapidly. I made a novice mistake. The worst part was a friend reminded me before I left to put the drain plug in before I got in the water. I pulled the truck back down. Loaded the boat and let all the water drain out. I could not find the plug. Luckily, the guys at Sequoia Motor Sports are running a boat shop at Yuba. They hooked me up with a plug and some Tropical Snow and we were off. Actually, the snow cones were at the end of the day. With plug in place, woo-hoo the boat was not filling with water. We took it out and did a little tubing. Ella liked it nice and slow. Abbie liked it faster with waves until she got wet. Kenzie liked it right in the middle.
Mission accomplished. Launched, did not sink though we almost did, and played for a few hours. We picked up food at Dairy Queen and I messed up my kids orders so Abbie had a melt down. Kenzie’s fries got dropped so she had a melt down and Ella happily ate her burger and fries. Made it home and slowly backed in around the garage and did not take out the side of the garage or the fence.

We had a fun trip to St. George planned for a few weeks. I took Thursday and Friday off and planned on doing yard work Thursday and going to St. George on Fri and Sat. Christine and Steve were going to meet us and we would let the cousins play together for awhile. Of course, I did not get as much done on Thursday as I wanted. Despite this, we went to St. George on Friday. We went swimming at the Hampton. Look is a little wiggler, but loved being in the water. Abbie is a fish and Kenzie is learning. We worked on breathing. She needs another vacation with aunt Juliette to help her improve. We enjoyed Brick Oven for dinner. I love their Root beer. It went well until Ella had an allergic reaction to some bread. Her lip swelled up and so we got to race across the street get some Benadryl. We went back and she finished her noodles with a fat lip. The night went good. We all zonked out quickly.
Saturday we left a pillow, a toothbrush and whatever else we forgot at the hotel. We went back later, but it was locked away so we have to call back next week to see if they even have it. Me, Kenzie, Ella, and Luke went to Snow Canyon for a short hike. Abbie and Jonene shopped. We went to the waterpark and listened to some live music and let the kids play in the little river and fountain. Luke and I got soaked as I followed him into the center of the fountain while the water was stopped. The center has an 8 inch or so channel of spray. It turned on as look stood right over it. All the onlookers got a nice laugh. We then went to Red Lobster for dinner, but the wait was too long so we went to Chilis. While we waited for a table let us know it was not what she wanted by puking all down Jonenes back. Nothing like puke in the shoe. She went and cleaned up and changed in to her pajamas. We then went to Arctic Circle and ate as we drove home. We arrived home at around 10:00. After unloading the car, I crawled into bed. I did leave the bags and all the non-frozen or refrigerated stuff out to be put away in the morning. What an incredibly, good feeling too crawl into clean sheets and lay your head on your own pillow. I laugh at how exhausted I am after a relaxing vacation.
Sunday I had early meetings and a patient in the hospital. I left Jonene to get the kids ready for church. They were not very helpful and we were a few minutes late for church. After church, we planned on visiting Corrinne( Jonenes mom), but due to our exhaustion felt like visiting another day and decided to relax at home.

I just found this post that I did not publish a month ago so I will post it now. I see that my last blog was about a year ago. I reviewed my goals for 2009 and see that I did ok. I did my 4+ competitions and had a lot of fun training. We did not make it to the Temple as much as we would have liked, but did make it just before Christmas. It was one of the best parts of the Christmas Holiday this year.
We have had a lot of fun with the girls this year. Island Park over Christmas was a lot of fun. We rode snow machines and played games and just relaxed. After coming home we spent a couple more days with Jonenes sister Christine and her family playing games. I have two fun new games. Power Grid and Pandemic.
January 1st, 2010 we went to Brianhead and had fun skiing. Ella did the lift for the first time at the end of the day. Abbie and Kenzie were champs. They did not like the long lines, but they raced down the Mtn. If I had been on my Snowboard I dont think I would have been able to keep up. The 30 seconds it would take to strap my boots on.

I am still very happy I bought a boat, but the first surprise is upon me. It is not in the expected flawless condition. You know, the condition expected for a 12 year old boat. I searched for a long time until I decided to purchase this boat. I went and looked at it and was pleased. To be honest I would have been pleased if the tires on the trailer were flat and their was a gaping hole in the hull. I wanted a boat so bad I was about to cry if I went another 15 seconds without one. I had saved up the money and was ready.
I was showing the boat to a friend yesterday and the hinge for the motor cover detached itself from the boat. Here are a couple of pictures. I figure. It is just plywood. I will try and unstitch the vinyl myself and cut a new piece of ply and put it back together. Worst case scenario. I get it rebuilt by a professional.
I never took any pictures, but I took the upholstery off the worn out wood of the motor cover. I traced it and cut out a piece from a piece of plywood. I stapled the old vinyl back on and I am in business. I hope to get the motor de-winterized in the next couple of days and am looking forward to seeing if it floats.

It has arrived and I am easily overwhelmed by everything that needs to get done and everything I want to do. I am trying to see how to make the yard a little easier to manage. We have decided to fill some of the flower beds with rocks after putting weed block down. It is a slow process. Mainly because I don’t have much time to work in the yard with all the kids activities and regular things like work that needs to get done. Jonene and the girls helped me clean up the section north of the house. After dark I got the paper down and it looks good. Now I just need to move the rocks in. I wish weekends were as long as the week so I could get all the stuff done that I want to without working on Sunday. Aside from the giant pile of rocks I need to spread. We also bought a bunch of bushes at Home Depot yesterday and a few trees. Jonene is going to try and arborize one of them and the other two are already shaped. I think I am going to neglect the garden this year and focus on getting the yard more easy to manage. I hate the thought of not having fresh veggies so I will probably end up getting a few things planted.
Also to make life busier, I just purchased a used Rinker 232 cuddy. I hope to get to Lake Powell a couple of times this summer and up to Yuba and Paiute a few times.
And I still want to do a couple of races this summer. This will require a little as well and training.
I will try and get some pictures added today.

I did it. I officially entered a mtn bike race. More importantly I finished. It was a winter race through slush, mud, and snow. It did require a bit of running with the bike as well as riding. Overall it was a good experience. We came up to Utah Valley and stayed at Thanksgiving point on Friday. We went to the Dinosaur museum and swimming at the hotel. It was raining in the morning when I got up. Luckily it had stopped by the time I left. I drove up to the start point and signed in. I was in the Sport class so the 2nd group setting out. Quickly I realized my seat was too high. I went over the bars and my weight was too far forward in the soft choppy snow as I was headed down hill. Lowered the seat and ditched my sagging shorts. We did 2 laps in the sport division and frankly it was quite fun. I was able to stay on the bike a little more in the 2nd lap, but still did quite a bit of hiking. I finished 6th in the sport class and was just darn happy to finish the race. Ill post a picture if I find one.

Finally, we got the chance to go play in the snow. Abbie, Kenzie, and I went to Brianhead for a day of play and pain. Ella decided at the last minute to stay home and play with grandma. Abbie and Kenzie had a lot of fun in ski school while I snowboarded with a friend and his son. Before I hooked up with a friend I took a bit more air than planned and face planted into the hard-pack. It took the wind out of me. The rest of the day I felt very uncoordinated. I noticed I had cracked my board and perhaps jostled my brains a little as well. I was able to continue out the day, but use that as an excuse for a couple more of my hard falls. I felt like I was relearning how to snowboard. I caught an edge a couple of times fairly hard.
The best part of the day was skiing with Kenzie and Abbie at the end of the day. Abbie had mastered lift #4 and had no difficulties getting off the lift or going down the mtn. Kenzie had mastered the bunny hill and went down a bigger lift with me at the very end of the day. I was impressed with how well they could ski. Last year she could hardly get off the lift. It was simply a lot of fun. I posted a few pictures on flickr.

I have great memories of wandering the desert west of Delta. Scotts GMC carried us 100s of miles back and forth and up and down the hills. One day after driving around the desert all night, we saw Robbers Roost on the map. We were darn close to it and I had been their before. The terrain looked vaguely familiar so I lead the group on foot up into the hills. After a few hours of hiking, I realized I were close, but I was not going to get us their. We had to turn around and go back. Their is fresh water in the cave so we had not packed much water with us. Everyone was pretty pissed at me. It is a great memory even if we did not get to the Roost.
I saw in the paper a couple of days ago a report of a small airplane that landed in the mud of the Dry Sevier lake bed. It was not dry and they got pretty stuck in the mud. The guys flying the plane had heard it was a great place to land and take off again. Scott and the rest of us had a great Saturday digging out the GMC when we tried to get to close to the dry lake bed. The mud was thick and it was a lot of fun digging out.
I also remember exploring the cave at antelope springs. I remember I was the biggest guy and a person would go before me and behind. Their are some tight squeezes we crawled through Scott would be in front to reach back and pull and Jan was behind me to push. I was scraped all over by the time we got through.
I hope this Christmas we have a wonderful time visiting and perhaps adventuring.