.:The Scoville Clan:.

I have been thinking this afternoon about Oscar my oldest and about his upcoming baptism into the church after his eighth birthday. He is turning 8 on Wednesday and I want him to know how much I love him. He will be getting baptized later this month and he seems excited and nervous at the same time.
As I sent out the email invitation to family members about his baptism, I couldn’t help but remember back to when he was born nearly 8 years ago on a sunday evening. He was our first so naturally I was clueless. I took each day at a time and even though I was in college and felt like I knew a lot. Looking back I knew nearly nothing. So we had a friend of ours staying at our house at the end of our pregnancy and we appreciated her help. I don’t remember what we did on the saturday before Oscars birth, but I do recall having an early (aka 6am morning priesthood meeting) and upon my return Marlene said to me, I think my water broke and we have to the hospital now. I said, Oh. She didn’t seem in a rush and it wasn’t like in the movies where we dashed and got in the car and went to the hospital. She said some thing like, I just got off the phone with my mom and the hospital and they said they think my water broke a couple days ago and that we need to come in to be checked. Then she said, Im going to finish my breakfast and take a shower. My hospital bag is ready. So eat and make sure you’re ready to go when I am. I said, Ok.
Pretty soon we were headed from Provo down to Payson a trek we’d been taking for weeks now to attend the birthing classes at the hospital preparing for this day. We we were excited and felt that this was a great day to have a baby. I thought it was Sunday and I could make it back to all my classes without a hitch. We went to the hospital and we were attended to and they said, Yes, your water has a leak and we need to break it fully so that you we can get this birth to happen. I called our parents to let them know that our baby was going to be coming some time soon. We were at the hospital to stay until that time.
We waited and waited throughout the day and I wont go into detail but we then for the most part a pretty uneventful morning. Marlenes mom was going to fly out that night and arrive so we were hoping that I wouldnt have to miss the birth because I was picking my mother-in-law up at that time.
I have some pretty distinct memories from Oscars birth and I remember he was born on March 2, 2003 at 20:03. Marlene had wanted us to hold off his birth so that he could be born on March 3, 2003. Nonetheless it was a great night.
I remember holding him for the first time and thinking that he looked a lot like my baby brother Benjamin Jacob Scoville that had died when I was just a kid from SIDS death. He had only been 3 months old when he died. So Oscar for me was a renewal of life and it was an amazing experience. He was tiny and cute and I just loved holding him.
Fortunately, our friend drove to the airport and picked her up and my parents arrived shortly after the birth. They had driven up from Delta.
Oscar I am grateful that you were born into our home and that youre such a wonderful boy. You love math and are really improving in your reading skills. You love to play any game or sport with me I really love that you ask me to play with you. You are my oldest son and I feel we went through such a bonding time when we were little that I just feel close to you. I hope that we can continue to grow together as father and son. Keep up the great work you are doing.
Tonight as I was talking to Marlene she mentioned that some time I sent her an email saying that our own little Oscar had arrived. I don’t recall this but it is amazing to have had our Oscar for the last eight years. He is our award and we love him. On the night of the Academy Awards, I think it is fitting to say again, we loved getting our Oscar 8 years ago.