2013 Fantasy Football League Draft | Coplan Community

With Week #1 in the NFL Season fast approaching, our league Fun In The Sun finally got together for our third annual draft. This year our league finally made the transition to an all online draft. Thanks to Ken Boltz and his blazing fast network setup we were able to overcome a few obstacles and the draft went off without a hitch.
Each of the 18 teams in our fantasy football league takes the role of a general manager and head coach. This year Brent Boughton had the #1 pick in the draft and chose QB Aaron Rodgers. Overall in the first round there were four QBs selected(Rodgers, Manning, Brees and Russel Wilson. There were 13 Running backs starting with ADP selected by Corey Poore with the second overall pick. Calvin Johnson was the only WR selected in the first round by Nick Bosley.
Our league is public and anyone can view the standings and even keep up to date on scoring during the games by visiting the website here.
League Overview
Overall 8 teams will make the playoffs and battle it out to see who is this years champion. Our league uses head to head scoring, this means each week team owners are matched up against a rival, the owner that scores the most points wins. The playoffs are determined by total wins, if there is a Tie the overall points determines who makes the playoffs. This year yahoo has added a Pick-em feature that allows anyone to vote on who they think will win each individual matchup. Team owners can also take part and their stats are kept all season to see who has the best record. This is purely for fun as has no impact on the playoffs.
Best Draft
Once is a fluke twice is a trend. Last year there were 16 teams in our league, this year despite some vexation we expanded to a total of 18 teams. Corey Poore was able to come out on top of both drafts. I did a bit of quick math (and a little googling) to discover there is a .19% chance of that happening. Corey may just be guided by a force much greater than luck.
Early Predictions
Even though Corey had the best draft he is not the odds on favorite to win the championship. That title goes to newcomer to fantasy football Tony Graziani. Tony was buoyed by the easiest overall schedule and the third best overall draft.
Previous Champion
Glenn Marlin was the winner of last years overall championship. He was awarded the championship plaque during the draft ceremony as you can see from the pictures above. Glenn is the second such winner as his name will join Josh Coplan among the previous winners of the league.
So who do you think will win this years league championship?
Can Corey parlay his second straight #1 overall draft into championship gold? Will Glenn or Josh rise to the top? Or will a new winner emerge? Leave your feedback in the comment section below.